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My name is Adeline and I am the apprentice magician behind The Witch's Hoot.

My creations are inspired by nature, magic and esotericism. They are all unique and handmade by me. Passionate about fantastic and horrific worlds, witchcraft, the strange or even the supernatural, I also sometimes draw inspiration from them to make some of my creations, so don't be surprised, I tend to be a little touch all.

In everyday life, I am an air hostess and The Witch's hoot (formerly Bookofthread) created in January 2020 brings me the dose of creativity I needed in my life to finally feel fulfilled. My workshop is my little bubble in which I can be myself and give life to all the ideas that come to mind.

If you've been following me for a long time, you may know that The Witch's Hoot was first a store entirely linked to the world of books. Indeed, after a few sewing lessons, I started making book sleeves. I was then inspired by a lot of my reading to make entire collections based on the universe of novels. Little by little, my activity extended to decoration and sculpture in polymer clay.

Then taking advantage of my free time while we were confined, I started thinking about the future of my shop. My walks in the forest and my nights spent hearing the owls hoot around my house encouraged me to take a more natural and organic approach to my creations. Sculpting animals has become obvious and it is with great pleasure that I seek to learn more and more about them.

Today, I can finally say that I am delighted with the balance that I have found on a professional level between my day job and my small online store. My creations are the fruit of my experience, my experience and my hopes. I hope that through them, I will manage to make you travel in a universe filled with incredible creatures and magic.